Object by Object
Curatable historical AR scavenger hunt with Headless CMS
Interaction design
ARKit coding

Jan Alexander

museum4punkt0, Berlin
The project was initiated by museum4punkt0 to explore new possibilities of storytelling at historically relevant locations using the latest Persistent-AR technology and displaying historical artifacts from the museums' archives.

With the help of AR, virtual portals were set up at historically relevant locations in Berlin, through which players can enter Berlin in the 1920s on site.

Behind each portal is a thematically related collection of digitised museum objects that are used to tell various stories from Berlin in the 1920s.

Collecting all objects in a portal unlocks a navigation object that leads to the next portal.

The objects and historical narrative threads unlocked while playing the app are managed in a collection that the user can browse through at any time to better understand spatial, temporal and contextual connections.

The result was a high-fidelity prototype for iOS including an online CMS as well as a content creation app, so future scavenger hunts could be created by the museums themselves.

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